multifamily attic insulation

Get up to $0.50/sq. ft. cash back

Get up to $0.50/sq. ft. cash back

How to apply

Step 1

Contact us to ensure your property is eligible and schedule a pre-inspection.

Step 2

Work with a participating weatherization contractor to complete your upgrades.

Step 3

Your contractor will submit your incentive application. Incentive checks are issued within 14 business days after review and approve post-work inspection.
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Improve tenant comfort and savings

Upgrade the insulation in your multifamily property and earn cash back for every square foot. Along with the upfront savings, new insulation will boost the property’s value and appeal with lower heating and cooling costs and improved year-round comfort for your tenants.

Qualifications and incentives

Product or serviceSelf-installed incentiveContractor installed incentive
Attic insulation for homes with electric heat (9.5 HSPF, 16 SEER)$0.25 / sq. ft.$0.50 / sq. ft.

Ensure property qualifies:

  • Must be an existing home, not new construction.

Attic insulation requirements:

  • Existing insulation levels must be R-11 or less
  • Final insulation depth must be R-49 or greater
  • Work must be done according to program requirements outlined in the Idaho Technical Specifications Manual
  • Property must have an electric heating system serving at least 80% of the conditioned living space.
  • Electrically heated property incentives apply to properties with a permanently installed electric furnace, heat pump or electric zonal heating systems (baseboard or ceiling/wall heaters) as the current primary heat source. Space heaters do not qualify.
  • Insulation may be installed by a Qualified Contractor or self-installed by owners or landlords.
  • Work performed as part of building code requirements is not eligible for an incentive.
  • Areas that are not finished or conditioned living space such as a garage, do not qualify.

Additional program rules:

  • Mail all documents so they are postmarked within 90 days of the qualifying service completion date.
  • Insulation must be installed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Incentive cannot exceed project costs, self-installers are eligible for incentives on materials only.
  • Incentives are limited to one-time installation incentive for the lifetime of the property.

Required documents include:

  • Contact the program to schedule a pre-inspection and to get the required application documents at [email protected]
  • Itemized receipt/contractor invoice
  • Third Party Payment Addendum for applicants who would like to forward payment to a third party not listed on the utility account
  • IRS W-9 Form*, if applicable
*Applicable only to businesses and non-individual customers, including landlords, applying for incentives.
​Please see the Incentive Application for a list of required documentation and additional terms and conditions. Incentives are subject to Idaho Utilities and Transportation Commission approval and may change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Customer eligibility

Multifamily properties featuring five or more attached units are eligible to receive program incentives. Multifamily property owners must have a landlord account on a qualifying residential rate schedule. You can find your rate schedule on your utility bill or by calling 1-888-221-7070. Qualifying residential rate schedules: Idaho: 1 or 36

Application details


  • Review the information in the Eligibility section of this page and call 1-800-942-0281 or email us to ensure your multifamily property is eligible.
  • Pre-inspection of multifamily property
  • Once it has been established that the complex is on a qualified residential rate schedule, a pre-qualification inspection will take place.
  • Please provide the following required information to initiate a pre-qualification inspection:
  • Specific street address or account number
  • Complex Name
  • Contact at the complex and phone number where they can be reached
  • Measures that are being requested to be inspected
  • Once this information is received, an inspector will assess the complex to verify whether it qualifies and if it would benefit from our incentive offerings.
  • Your contractor will be notified of the status of the inspection. If the complex qualifies for any of the Wattsmart Homes program incentives, the contractor will schedule a time with the property manager to complete the work.

Contractor completes energy upgrades:

  • The contractor will perform the necessary work for the project to qualify for an incentive. Consult with your contractor to get a clear understanding of the work being performed and how long it will take. Also remember to notify your tenants about the work being done.

Application is submitted:

  • Once the work is completed, the contractor submits an application to the Home Energy Savings program.
  • All units listed on the application must be verified on the landlord account (units may need to be added if they are not under the landlord account at time of review).
  • One itemized invoice detailing the work performed for the property must be submitted.
  • A completed W-9 form for the person or entity receiving the incentive check must be submitted along with the application for tax purposes. For changes to account name, contact Business Solutions at 1-866-870-3419.
  • In some cases a Third Party Payment Addendum will be required if a landlord account is not set up or if the payment is going to anyone other than the account holder
  • Applications cannot be processed if any required documentation is missing.
  • The property is then queued for a post-work inspection.

Post-work inspection:

  • After receipt of a completed incentive application the program will schedule a post-work inspection to verify all program requirements have been met.
  • A minimum of 25 percent of the units that received an energy efficiency upgrade must be inspected
  • Tenants should be notified of this post-work inspection beforehand.

Application is processed and check is mailed:

  • Incentive checks are issued within 14 business days after we review and approve your incentive application.

Incentive Application Materials:

Questions? Call 1-800-942-0281 or email us.

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